Pinterest: The Giant Pin Board


Pin boards are great aren’t they? Just pinning whatever you like whenever you like… Well, the online pin board – Pinterest allows pinners to pin away all day, everyday. This is a great thing, being able to pin all sorts of things from all across the web but of course, again, we must be careful what we are posting or in this case, pinning. Sadly, although they’re quite humorous, some of these images use quite explicit language and can be inappropriate.

Luckily, Pinterest allows its users to create secret pin boards, where users can pin whatever they like for themselves without sharing with others. We recommend you use this for those pins you wouldn’t like the whole world to see and it’s definitely a great way to organise whatever it is you’re obsessing over at the moment.

So, to put it simply and since we’ve kind of made it a tradition, here are the do’s and don’ts for Pinterest:


  • Pin! Pin away our friends!
  • Be careful that if what you’re pinning is explicit, pin it to a secret board
  • Consider making your boards private, so only those that follow you can see them


  • Pin explicit content
  • Make rude comments on others pins

Useful tip: Think about turning on this setting… it’ll help you creep under the radar of snooping employers


Bloggers Gone Wild…

Are you a blogger? If so make sure you read on. You must be careful what you post on your personal blog and it’s not just us saying this, look! Even this girl said so too! and according to her “Employees have been fired when their employer construed their blog posts as sharing confidential information, making inappropriate comments about the company, or both.”

Our advice is that you try and keep your work life and personal life separate in the world of blogs as no company really wants to be spoken about on a personal blog unless they are aware of what is being posted.

Also be careful what you post about yourself because, again, it is not ok to publish how much you love getting drunk online!

Blogs are a great thing so make sure your posts share something with the public that is interesting and insightful rather than just pictures and descriptions of your weekend at your favourite nightclub. In fact, it can be very impressive to employers when you gain a following for yourself by posting interesting blogs.

Again, the do’s and don’ts:


  • Post blogs that are interesting and insightful
  • Share your successes- as long as they’re appropriate i.e. not how you won a drinking game


  • Post blogs about your workplace
  • Come across as arrogant or negative in your blogs – no one wants to hire that person

Youtube – capturing stupidity on camera!


With over 1 billion people accessing Youtube each month, I am almost sure, you’re bound to be one of them. And of course, whether we have uploaded a video, liked a video or left a comment, most of us have shared content on this site.

Due to the killer search engine on Youtube that benefits us in finding what we want, it sadly also benefits employers and who and what they can find. Consequently, you must make sure you don’t post anything that is embarrassing or could reflect badly upon you as a person such as a very critical vlog or just something funny that is actually more embarrassing than it is entertaining.

Another thing you have to look out for is what you comment on videos…especially you part-time trollers out there! This can come back to bite you! Of course we have all seen the foul comments that have been posted on youtube videos and you do not want to be one of these posters. Do employers really want someone who is rude to work for them? I think we all know the answer to that one.

So, here are the do’s and don’ts:


  • Post, share and comment on videos but just make sure they are all appropriate
  • Make sure you actually take a look at photos concerned with what you post online like this one…


  • Post a video that only 18 year olds and over can watch – can anything really good come from this?
  • Post comments that are offensive
  • Troll – no one really likes trolls anyway so leave the troll in you under the bridge…

Until next time, make sure you take part in Google Yourself Day tomorrow! Join in here:

Instagram- #becarefulwhatyoupost


I’m sure nearly every one of you have said the word “Instagram!” before quickly taking a photo of something of interest whether its of you and your friends or of whatever you are doing at the time which according to what is commonly on Instagram- eating.

Well, just like every other social media, Instagram is also one that you have to be careful about especially now that your posts on this social media often link to your Facebook account.

Even though there are filters that you can use on Instagram, sadly, they will not filter out the inappropriate things that are often taking place in this photo like the 10 alcoholic drinks sitting on the table in front of you. Of course this is not going to look good to a potential employer and you need to be careful that you do not provide them with a bad impression of yourself.

So, as usual… here are the do’s and don’ts


  • Post on Instagram, it is a great app!
  • Make sure what you post is appropriate
  • Remember that just because you have a pretty filter, doesn’t mean that everything in the photo looks pretty, not as pretty as you of course!


  • Post photos of inappropriate things such as you drunk
  • Post any explicit photos of for example, the latest strip club you went to
  • Post without evaluating whether this could benefit your reputation
  • Post photos of your food… trust us, food porn really isn’t that great

Until next time, try keep your excellent photography skills on a leash!

Google Yourself Day!


Ever wondered what you look like on the Internet? Well, it’s time to find out! Join us in our Google Yourself Day and what is this magical day you ask? Well, here at Censoring your Networking we really want to show you just how important it is to be careful what you post online and unfortunately what you post online is often discoverable via Google (everyone’s sacred search engine).

Google Yourself Day will require you to type your full name into Google and see what comes up and we’re sure you’ll be surprised!

So in the spirit of an event, here’s a short invitation:

WHAT: Google Yourself Day – Google your full name and see what you find!

WHEN: Friday October 18, 2013

WHY: Censoring your Networking want to make sure you look as “employable” as possible online

Click here for our Facebook event page -

Make sure you click attending and join in!

Your Snapchats aren’t safe with Snap Save


For all you Snapchat fiends out there who just love the beauty of this app and how you can send ridiculously ugly or embarrassing (or even naughty) photos of yourself to your friends well, guess what? The beauty of this situation is gone and not just gone but its turned ugly… YOUR SNAPCHATS CAN BE SAVED. Yes not only can your embarrassing photos be screen-shotted but new app called, snap save (which you can check out here - allows your friends to save both your photos and videos at the touch of a button even if you only make these images available for 2 seconds. What’s even worse is that you will not be notified if your photo has been saved so all your stalkers can save your photos as they wish.

So… next time you decide to use Snapchat make sure you’re sending something that you won’t regret seeing again later, following on from our tradition of announcing the do’s and don’ts here you go:


  • Have fun with Snapchat it’s a great app, just beware that what you send could be saved
  • Only send photos to people who you trust
  • Maybe this time… actually stick to food porn..


  • Send photos or videos that you wouldn’t like to be saved
  • Send inappropriate photos whether they are sexual or just rude!

Until next time, Snapchat safely friends! And check this video out, maybe you’ll realise how lame this app really is…

To tweet or not to tweet?


Talking and gossiping and chattering have always been things that we like to do but all of a sudden there is tweeting – we love to tweet! And no, we don’t mean as songful birds but as members of the huge social media – Twitter. Isn’t it brilliant how you can share things on this platform? Posting your every thought, sharing articles, stories and even news. Well, just like Facebook even though it is so great, you still must be extremely careful with what you post.

There have in fact, been many occasions where twitter members have embarrassed themselves with tweets, just look at this – do you really want to end up on here? Do you think that’ll be good when potential employers do their Google search for you on the internet? With 500 million twitter users out there, what you post is likely to connect to that one person whose thinking of hiring you and we don’t want you to mess this up!

So next time you decide to tweet about your drunken weekend or your annoying boss… just like you thought about doing on Facebook… think again! And again, consider our method- Would I be happy to stick what I post online on my forehead? If the answer is no then why post it on twitter.

So, a few do’s and don’ts


  • Engage in twitter it’s a great platform- share away!
  • Monitor who is following you and here’s a tip: Go to settings and scroll down to privacy and select “protect my tweets” so that only those who you allow to see your very magnificent tweets can see them!
  • Check any spelling or facts, they really effect how you look online


  • Post something that you will regret
  • Have a rant on Twitter… that’s what coffee dates with your friends are for..

Until next time… make sure you fix your privacy settings and you censor your networking!